Russian language teaching support

Modern technical training tools used to support the study of Russian abroad are primarily online courses on Russian as a foreign language, Russian history, history and culture of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the history of Russian writing, academic writing in Russian etc . You can see the full list of online courses here.

International Russian Institute also offers its partners support in peer-to-peer format. On the part of St. Petersburg State University, the students and teachers of the program “Russian as a Foreign Language” take part in the training.

The peer-to-peer program avoids the main drawback of computer training: the lack of live communication, whose role in teaching foreign languages ​​can not be exaggerated. While participating in the program the partner’s students receive Russian language practice provided by the students of SPbU under the guidance and supervision of an experienced teacher. Live communication with a peer, a conversation on common topics with the interlocutor, mutual interest in the culture and history of each other’s countries ensures the effectiveness of classes.

We use a wide range of teaching methods, starting with the communicative one and ending with joint projects. The classes are held in mini-groups. The choice of the methods and materials is determined by didactic goals, language level, and spheres of students’ interests.

In addition to the above, we offer foreign students summer schools of the Russian language with the possibility of passing tests on Russian as a foreign language and obtaining a certificate of TORFL. More information about summer schools can be found here