About us

International Russian Institute

International Russian Institute of Saint Petersburg State University is a global project implementing cross-border cooperation, dissemination of Russian language and culture, and presentation of education and research in SPbU.

St. Petersburg State University is one of the the largest scientific and educational centers in Europe. Nowadays more than 30 thousand students are being educated here. Nobel and Fields Prize winners work in the University, more than 15 large laboratories and 26 resource centers are included in the leading scientific park of the country. The university has a very rich history – St. Petersburg State University is rightfully named the first university in Russia.

Mission, aim and priorities

our mission

is to develop international educational cooperation.

our aims

As a representative of St. Petersburg State University, the Institute aims to strengthen the position of SPbU abroad.

  • Expansion and strengthening of international relations of St. Petersburg State University.
  • Development of scientific cooperation.
  • Development of cooperation in the field of education.

our priorities

  • Teaching Russian language, history and culture.
  • Ensuring the interaction of university teachers and teachers of partner organization.
  • Introduction of new technologies in the learning process.
  • Organization of experience exchange.
  • Providing consulting, information and expert services to partner organizations.
  • Development of online courses, publishing of scientific literature including thematic collections, scientific papers, monographs, materials of congresses, conferences, round tables, symposia, seminars.

Event photos



Planned opening ceremony of the International Russian Institute in Thessaloniki, Greece


First students having applied for studies at the SPbU through the International Russian Institute are enrolled.


Presentation of the International Russian Institute in Thessaloniki, Greece


Start of the project “International Russian Institute of SPbU”